How to Collect Dust Samples?

Dust samples should be collected in a container that can be sealed tightly, like a zip-lock bag or plastic container with a tight sealing lid.

Use a natural bristle brush to collect the samples. If you suspect you may have an electrostatically charged dust, collect the sample by using a plastic coated shovel or scoop. 


Dust Sample Collection Containers

Dust Sample Collection Containers


Where to Collect Dust Samples?

‚ÄčThe best place to collect a dust sample is inside your dust collector filter. You can also collect samples from the bin under your dust collector.

If you do not have a dust collector other good places to collect your sample is high up in your facility from the top of beams, light fixtures and any flat surface high up away from traffic where  dust collects.

How Much Dust Needs to be Collected?

Your dust sample needs to weigh between 1lbs. to 2lbs.(500g to 1Kg), after subtracting the container weight, for proper testing.



How to Pack Dust Sample for Shipping

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  1. ‚ÄčEnsure your sample is large enough - 1 to 2 lbs, (500g to 1Kg)
  2. Fill out the Sample Form, use a descriptive name on the form, this name will be used on the report sent back to you.
  3. Provide any special instructions
  4. Include MSDS sheet for the material
  5. Fill out the options form for the testing
  6. Place all forms and sample in box for transportation. Pack the sample to ensure minimal movement inside the box during transportation.



Dust Sample Submission Form

Link to Dust Sample Submission Form

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