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AST Canada provides sales, service and installation of Dust Collectors in Ontario and across Canada. We are the largest supplier of Donaldson Torit® industrial dust collectors in the province of Ontario.

Collection of Donaldson Torit Industrial Dust Collectors AST Canada, Ontario, Canada


Choosing the Right Dust Collector

Choosing a proper dust collection system is an important consideration for any industry in Canada. Environmental concerns for plant air quality for employees coupled with the overall concerns for the natural environment around your organization make choosing the right dust collector of paramount importance. Air Separation Technologies (AST Canada) has decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining dust collection systems in Ontario.

Which Dust Collector Do I Need?


Factors Affecting Dust Collector Choice

The right type of dust collection equipment depends upon many factors: the application itself, the dust type, dust size, dust load, dust temperature, probability of dust induced explosions, humidity of the dust environment, duty-cycle of the dust collection system and the jurisdictional requirement plus other factors. There can also be considerations of air recirculation and energy-cost reduction. We can help you choose the right system for your needs.


Turn-Key Dust Collector Solutions

We can provide a turn-key installation in Ontario & other provinces across Canada that meets local regulations for Fire Code, Environmental by-laws, NFPA guidelines and Health & Safety regulations.


Why Choose Donaldson Torit® Dust Collectors

For decades, Donaldson® Torit® has offered manufacturers advanced and reliable dust, fume and mist collectors and filters engineered to provide outstanding filtration efficiency and energy savings. The pairing of these industry-leading collectors and filters helps increase manufacturing efficiency and cleaner environments for employees.

When efficiency is maximized and employees are at their peak, so is the manufacturer’s productivity — and ultimately, its bottom line. Donaldson Torit products can help safeguard that bottom line with innovative collectors and filters, expertly engineered by its unparalleled team of R&D engineers to provide long-term value, rather than short-term savings.

No other dust collection manufacturer can match Donaldson Torit’s filtration solutions in delivering clean air.

PowerCore® Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit PowerCore Series Dust Collectors​Torit® PowerCore® dust collector technology from Donaldson® Torit® outperforms traditional baghouse collectors in less space. This extremely small and powerful dust collector handles high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate and fits into the smallest places. The filter changeout is remarkably quick, easy and clean compared to the process for traditional bag filters.
The innovative Torit PowerCore dust collectors combine award-winning PowerCore filter packs with a new
proprietary compact pulse cleaning system. This proprietary combination delivers high filtration efficiency not usually found in baghouse filtration.

PowerCore Dust Collectors

​Cartridge Dust Collectors 

Donaldson Torit Cartridge Dust CollectosAs the inventor of the cartridge dust collector, Donaldson® Torit® has led the way with continuous innovation. They provide cleaner air with their advanced-technology cartridge dust collectors and a variety of filter media that conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts, including pharmaceutical, chemical, grain, bulk/powder, food, metal and others.

No other manufacturer comes close to matching the innovation and breadth of technical expertise that Donaldson Torit incorporates into its cartridge collectors. Donaldson Torit engineers its cartridge collectors to capture the broad spectrum of dust particles that can inhibit the production environment. From portable to central collectors, to source and ambient collectors, to booth-type collectors and weld benches, Donaldson Torit provides the most complete range of cartridge collectors that cost-effectively enhance productivity and manufacturing efficiency.

Cartridge Dust Collectors


Baghouse Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit Baghouse Dust CollectorsDonaldson® Torit® offers a complete line of dependable, rugged baghouse dust collectors ranging from small Cyclones and Unimaster® collectors that handle as low as 120 cfm to large RFs and LPs that handle up to 197,000 cfm. Donaldson Torit also offers unique collectors like the Dalamatic®, which feature envelope-shaped bags for improved pulse cleaning of especially challenging dusts, and clean side access to filters to make changeouts easier. Baghouse dust collectors have been used for industrial dust collection for over 50 years, providing a full range of solutions from nuisance dust to extremely heavy dust loads along with bin venting and product reclaim.

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit Cyclone Dust CollectorsDonaldson® Torit® cyclone dust collectors are an economical solution to a wide range of dust collection problems. They use a mechanical separator utilizing centrifugal force to remove large and high-volume dust from the air stream for industrial applications from 300 - 13,000 cfm (510-22,082 m2/h)

Donaldson® Torit® Cyclone Dust Collectors can be used as stand-alone units or in combination with a bag filter. Additionally it can be used in-line as a pre-cleaner as part of a dust collection system.

Donaldson® Torit® Cyclone Dust Collectors are excellent for:

• high-dust loads
• high-temperature applications
• product recovery applications

Cyclone Dust Collectors