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Tri-Mer Corporation specializes in comprehensive air pollution control solutions. It is the largest provider of catalytic ceramic filter systems in the world.

Tri-Mer’s focus is advanced pollution control technology combined with turnkey project delivery services.

Tri-Mer was established in 1960 and pursued opportunities in the pollution control market with the rise of environmental concerns in the late 1960s. It has become one of the leading air pollution control companies in North America; Its product line includes both dry and wet systems.

AST Canada offers turnkey Tri-Mer services in Canada: design engineering, in-house manufacturing, controls, CEM, installation, start-up, power generation, and aftermarket support.

AST Canada is a leading supplier of
Tri-Mer Corporation Pollution Control
& Odour Control Systems in Canada.


Simultaneously Control of Multiple Pollutants

Tri-Mer has fifteen lines of equipment, both wet and dry. The Catalytic Ceramic Filter system is the premier dry system for simultaneously controlling multiple pollutants such as PM, SOx, and NOx. Tri-Mer projects range from smaller systems for diesel particulate and NOx control for ships-at-berth, to very large systems for cement plants and glass manufacturing facilities.


Tri-Mer Customer Satisfaction

Unsurpassed performance
On-time delivery
Within budget.

Tri-Mer has added several new technologies – including the widespread application of the ceramic filters – to its arsenal of pollution control options. Tri-Mer Corporation understands the importance that progressive companies place on state-of-the-art technology, accurate engineering, precision manufacturing, and on-schedule installation..

All Tri-Mer equipment complies with local regulations including the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and NFPA Standards.


Tri-Mer Product Lines


Whirl Wet Dust Collector

Tri Mer Whirl-Wet-dust-collection-systemHigh Efficiency Dust Collection Systems have Low Operating Costs; Ideal for Dust Above 3 Microns

Whirl  Wet employs a unique process to create intensive mixing of the dust particles and water.  To infuse dust particles with water droplets, the mixture is passed with high velocity through a fixed-position dual opposed blade system.

 Learn more about Tri-Mer Whirl Wet...


Packed Bed Acid & Fume Scrubbers

acid scrubberPacked Bed Tower Scrubbers For Gaseous Emissions

NO2, Cl2, SO2, also acid fumes, including H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, and HF.  Can incorporate particulate control, gas quench, venturis, cartridge filters, carbon systems.  Combination systems for hot and cold gases.  

Learn more about Tri-Mer Packed Bed Acid & Fume Scrubbers.


Crossflow Scrubbers

ScrubberPictHorizontal Crossflow Scrubber Guarantees Your Operating Permit Level Out the Stack for HCl, HNO3, HF, H2SO4, Cl2, H2S, NH3

The Tri-Mer Crossflow scrubs inorganic compounds, and maintains stack emissions to specific ppm levels determined by local permit requirements for all input concentrations. Specific outlet requirements based on percent removal can also be guaranteed.

Learn more about Tri-Mer Crossflow Scrubbers.


Fan Separator

Commercial Air Pollution Control SystemsFor H2SO4 and Other Corrosive Fumes

Packaged, stand-alone system.  Ideal for steel pickling plants or battery charging operations.   Low capital and operational costs – requires less than 10% of water used by competitive scrubbers and operates with 25% lower BHP requirement.  

Learn more about Tri-Mer Fan Separators.



Odor Control Scrubber

For Food Processing, Industrial and Municipal Applications

Commercial Air Pollution Control Systems- 35-500,000 CFM

- Wet scrubber process

- Zero odor at the stack

Learn more about Tri-Mer Odor Control Scrubber


Polypropylene Tanks

Commercial Air Pollution Control SystemsCustom Fabricated Polypropylene Tanks

- For pickling, plating, etching, anodizing

- Also fume hoods, consoles • Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, stainless steel

Learn more about Tri-Mer Polypropylene Tanks