Tri-Mer Corporation Whirl Wet Dust Collection Systems

High Efficiency Dust Collection Systems with Low Operating Costs for Dust Above 3 Microns

Whirl / Wet employs a unique process to create intensive mixing of the dust particles and water infusing dust particles with water droplets creating a mixture that is passed through a fixed-position, dual opposed, blade system at high velocity.

Mixing the Dust & Water

To increase turbulence and intensify the mixing process, a tangential airstream is injected through the lower blade assembly and rotation is accelerated.

Separating the Dust & Water

The water droplets in the airstream are then processed through a mist eliminator located downstream to separate the particulate material from the mist. The PM is deposited on the bottom of the unit for recovery or disposal.  Water level is maintained automatically and make-up water is only needed to compensate for evaporation or sludge removal. 

Tri Mer Whirl-Wet-dust-collection-systemTri Mer Whirl-Wet-dust-collector

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