Tri-Mer Custom Made Polypropylene Tanks


Lengths to 100 ft.

Tri-Mer Polypropylene Process Tanks

Long-Lasting, Rugged Process Tanks

Tri-Mer polypropylene tanks are rugged & long-lasting, made from 100% co-polymer and homopolymer polypropylene. These custom-made poly tanks will not delaminate or embrittle with long exposure to aggressive chemicals, acids or alkalines, even at higher temperatures.


Low Moisture-Absorption Material

Polypropylene materials have low moisture absorption allowing for high and low temperature extremes and excellent thermal insulating properties. These poly tanks are exceptionally durable and crack-resistant and have excellent dielectric properties



Polypropylene Tanks for Industrial Process

Tri-Mer custom poly process tanks are well suited for processes such as:

• pickling

• plating

• etching

• anodizing

• galvanizing

• chemical containment

• wire & strip processing

Also fume hoods, consoles • Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, stainless steel