Tri-Mer Odor Control Scrubbers


Ideal for Food Processing, Industrial and Municipal Applications

Tri-Mer Odor Control Scrubbers for zero-odor performanceIndustrial and municipal odors are often detectable below 1 ppm, so Tri-Mer odor
control scrubbers are engineered to unction at 98-99% efficiencies and higher for true, “zero odor” performance. Tri-Mer scrubbers are ideal for continuous, automatic odor control. Gas volume is
not limited, but generally ranges from 35 cfm to 150,000 cfm. Where the gas stream
contains corrosives, Tri-Mer provides a single scrubber for scrubbing corrosives and odors. This multi-stage technology neutralizes corrosive fumes while using minimal water and energy and yielding a clean stack. Tri-Mer odor control systems operate in the 99%+ efficiency range and are effective for a broad range of contaminants.

Multi-Stage Design

The Tri-Mer odor control scrubbers are designed in multiple stages to handle differing chemical gas inputs, including corrosive gasses like H2SO4 or ammonia. Most Tri-Mer scrubbers have a dual tower design, with packing depth determined by odor composition and efficiency required. This is most effective due to counter-flow operation. The scrubber system allows optimum control of recirculation solution chemical concentrations.