Tri-Mer Horizontal Crossflow Packed Bed Scrubber

The Tri-Mer Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber guarantees your operating permit level "out of the stack" for HCl, HNO3, HF, H2SO4, Cl2, H2S, NH3 & others.

ScrubberPictTri-Mer Horizontal Cross-Flow Packed Bed Scrubbers maintain stack emissions levels in accordance with local permits for all input concentrations. Outlet requirements based on percent removal can also be guaranteed. Specific technical data on Tri-Mer's Crossflow can be found in this brochure.





Key Design Criteria - Tri-Mer Crossflow Scrubbers

  1. inlet load
  2. outlet requirement (removal efficiency, generally expressed as a mass emissions number, such as lbs./hr.)
  3. volume of flow (CFM)
  4. inlet gas temperature
  5. total gas stream profile (residuals in gas stream in addition to the primary contaminant)
  6. site constraints, such as height restrictions and other architectural/plant limitations.

Key to the performance of this system is high-flow liquid recirculation, which produces intense contact between the contaminant and scrubbing liquid.

System Configurations

Three system configurations are available:

Internal Tank/ANSI Pumps

The internal tank/ANSI pump design is manufactured in capacities of 50 cfm through 100,000 cfm. This horizontal packed scrubber system incorporates standard ANSI pumps, which recirculate the scrubbing liquor. Pump construction is based on specific chemistry; standard pump heads are available in FRP, polypropylene and stainless steel. Other materials are available for unique applications.

Internal Tank/Vertical Pumps

An internal Tank/Vertical pump design is available for 50 cfm through 60,000 cfm applications. This option uses various lines of standard, corrosion-resistant vertical recirculation pumps. These pumps are incorporated into the design of the scrubber and are rigidly mounted as a unit on the scrubber body. This precludes the need for suction piping, because the pump head is submerged in the recirculation liquor. Alternatives for construction of the pump head generally include polypropylene, PVC and CPVC. Vertical pumps can be installed in a series, with two or more pumps mounted on larger systems, in order to increase recirculation flow rates to meet high demand or provide pump redundancy.

External Recirculation – Dry Sump

  An external recirculation System/Dry Sump design is available in single or multiple stage options, with a maximum single unit capacity of 120,000 cfm. This version of the horizontal system is available with ANSI or vertical pump systems. The system is not limited in size by the type of pump available. Both large capacity ANSI and vertical pumps are available in this version. Standard pump materials of construction for both versions include FRP, polypropylene and stainless steel.

System Redundancy for Zero Downtime

The Tri-Mer Ultra-Scrub Crossflow versions operate with zero production downtime, because critical system modules have full redundancy.  Back-up readiness is assured through regular auto hand-over from primary systems.  This feature significantly reduces both monitoring and maintenance requirements and assures full operation, even during normal maintenance of the equipment.


Tri-Mer suppies Cross Flow industrial scrubbers with control panels and operator interface.

The standard construction material is UV stabilized polypropylene.  Optional materials include UV-stabilized PVC or 316 stainless steel.

To insure seamless structural integrity, Tri-Mer technicians use specially engineered, programmable welders. Hot blades heat material as it is cut and the system fuses the ends, creating seamless virgin-grade materials during construction.

Pumps are available in ANSI horizontal units and vertical submerged head units.

Exhaust Blowers are constructed from polypropylene, PVC or FRP. The design ensures smooth air entry for minimal loss of effect.

Mist Eliminators

 Tri-Mer Crossflow scrubbers use Tri-Packs tower packing and high-efficiency industrial mist eliminators.  Quench equipped systems accommodate inlet temperatures to 2000°F. These Rigid frame mist eliminators are featured in the system’s design insuring zero droplet carry-through.

Industrial Applications that Benefit from Cross-Flow Technology

Industrial Applications that Benefit from Cross-Flow Technology include a broad range of manufacturing and process industries; semiconductor, metal finishing, and chemical industries generating corrosive fumes and gases also benefit from Crossflow technology.