Robotic MIG & Laser Welding System Fume Extraction

W/D Series wed/dry fume extractor

Proliferation of Robotic Welding Systems

Robotic welding systems are capable of processing large quantities of material accurately during a shift. They are used in many modern manufacturing facilities across North America, so a discussion about weld fumes created by this process is relevant today. 

Toxic Nature of Weld Fumes

These systems produce much higher quantity of weld fumes due to the longer duration of the welding arc in the process. The toxic nature of these fumes is a special danger to staff in the areas of your facility where the robotic welding systems are located. The fumes can contain such substances as hexavalent chromium which have been linked to a host of problems in humans.

Weld Fume Extraction for Robotic Systems

Extraction at source is the most effective way to collect and remove harmful fumes produced by robotic welding systems. Air Separation Technologies (AST Canada) W/D Series Filtration (Patent Pending) systems have been specifically developed for use in automated welding applications - for both Laser and MIG wire applications.

W/D Series Wet/Dry FiltrationWet/Dry Fume Extractor - WD Seroes

The W/D Series Filtration (Patent Pending) Wet/Dry fume extraction system is specifically designed to deal with harmful fumes produced in automated robotic welding applications. This system boasts many advantages over other systems available today, including a water chamber for spark & ember arresting to ensure maximum protection against a themal event occurring in the dry filtration section of the fume extractor.


W/D Series Advantages and Features

The W/D Series Wet/Dry Fume Extractors in addition to being able to keep pace with the fumes created in modern automated robotic welding systems maintains a constant airflow set point even as the filter loads and controls the water level in the spark/ember arresting chamber based upon the user-defined set point of the built-in PLC controller. The features include:

• Air volumes programmable from 2,000 to 8,000 cubic feet per minute.
• Integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) with built in PLC controller.
• Automated control of airflow (as filters load unit increases flow to compensate).
• Automated compressed air filter cleaning.
• Automated water level controls.
• Small footprint.
• Shipped completely assembled and tested - fan shipped separately
• Easy open access doors for filter and wet tank access.
• Exhausts filtered air back into the building saving on heating.
• Available floor mount or mezzanine mount.
• Snap together ducting system for ease of installation

The W/D Series Filtration System is only available from Air Separation Technologies (AST Canada)