List of Used Dust Collectors & Equipment

Used Equipment Purchase Terms and Conditions

Used Dust Collectors are subject to availability. Shipping is buyer’s responsibility; payment due prior to shipping, information presented is to the best of our knowledge and should be verified by buyer.

When explosive dusts are present, owner/operator is responsible for compliance with NFPA 68, 69, 654 and all other applicable codes.


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Used Donaldson Torit DFO 4-32 Downflo Dust Collector


FOB Burlington, ON

Used Donaldson Torit DFO 2-8 Downflo Dust Collector

(48) cartridges for a total of 12,192 sq ft of filter media

Top Mounted 15HP fan 575V c/w outlet damper & silencer

Standard drum cover pack w/gate & latches

Delta P Controller

FOB Burlington, ON

Used Torit Donaldson DFT 3-12 - SOLD !!!!

White Finish

Top Mounted 15HP fan 230/460V c/w silencer

Drum cover w/gate & w/latches

FOB Burlington, ON



Used Torit Donaldson CAB 80 - SOLD !!!!

Hopper & leg pack

5 gallon pail pack w/ sealer gear

Top-Mounted chamber silencer

Manual shaker & Magnehelic gauge

3HP fan, 208-230/460V

No controls, just needs a motor starter for fan

F.O.B. Burlington, ON



Used Torit Donaldson DLMC 2/4/15 - Qty 1

F.O.B. Burlington, ON



Used Torit Donaldson DLMC 3/4/15

F.O.B. Burlington, ON



Used Torit Donaldson WSO 25-3 Mist Collector 

Top Mounted 10HP fan 208-460V

First Stage wire-mesh

Third-stage HEPA after-filter section

FOB Burlington, ON



Spunbond Cartridges - Qty 20 - NEW

12.75 x 8.375 x 26

Spunbond Washable Media

265 pleats (no dimples)

190ft2 media


½” x ½” gasket one end

Fits Torit DF Collector

FOB Burlington, ON

Miscellaneous Used Items

Used Extraction Arms

Used Screw Conveyor c/w speed switch, motor, & disconnect

Used Welding Hoods

F.O.B. Burlington, ON