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90 Years of Activated Carbon and Filtration Equipment Experience

Barnebey Sutcliffe®, a Division of Calgon Carbon Corporation, provides "one-stop shop" solutions to the containment and commercial HVAC markets with quick quotations and industry-leading delivery times.

All equipment from Calgon Carbon complies with local regulations including the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and NFPA Standards.


Custom Containment Filtration Housings (Bagin/Bagout)

BS-4-customcontainIn 1960, Barnebey Cheney (now Barnebey Sutcliffe, a Division of Calgon Carbon Corporation), pioneered the use of special HVAC filter support systems for the nuclear power industry, now known as Containment Systems.  They are installed wherever the air to be filtered contains the most hazardous contaminants,  Containment Systems include special features for service and maintenance, which provide greater safety for the operator.  These features prevent release of the contaminants into the air surrounding the containment system.

Bubble Tight Isolation Dampers (BTD Series)

BTD SeriesThe Barnebey Sutcliffe Bubble Tight Isolation Damper (BTD) is designed for isolation of critical filter trains or environmental emission control systems during change-out, decontamination, shut-down, and/or testing services without disabling the entire system or risking air emissions that could affect EPA compliance. Damper operation can be manual or electric. Dampers can be manufactured out of 304 stainless steel.

FV-Activated Carbon Adsorber

FV Activated Carbon AdsorberDesigned to fit containment housings, the Type FV-Activated Carbon Adsorber provides high-efficiency, single-pass filtration of gaseous contaminants from nuclear power or medicine ventilation air streams, laboratories working with mercury and heavy metal compounds, military and government installations providing destruction, testing or collective protection from chemical warfare agents, and any facility utilizing extremely hazardous chemicals.