Identifying the right industrial dust collector or dust collection system for your specific needs can be a complicated task when considering all the variables within a manufacturing environment, as well as any regulations that need to be followed.


Types of Industrial Dust Collectors

Industrial Dust Collectors

Air Separation Technologies sales representatives can assist with selecting the appropriate dust collector. Answering the questions below provides a good starting point for the decision making process. ​​

Follow this three-step process to determine which industrial dust collector is best suited for your application. Donaldson Torit has a wide product selection to provide exactly what you need.



1.  Identify Application + Dust Type

​What is your application? (See industrial application list .)

Is your collector going to be located indoors or outdoors?

Does your process generate dust, mist, or fume?

Do you know the common name of the dust, mist, or fume? (See contaminant list.)

What is the dust density?

  • Super fine (fume)

  • Fine (powder)

  • Course (powder)

  • Irregular shape

What other characteristics might apply?

  • Abrasive

  • Agglomerative (sticky)

  • Corrosive

  • Fibrouse

  • Fire Hazard

  • Hygroscopic (retains moisture)

  • Toxic

  • Explosive

​2.  Dig Deeper:  Answer the Following Questions

Is your collection cycle continuous (a full shift) or intermittent (on and off during shift)?

Is 90 psi compressed air available for pulse cleaning the filters inside a collector? 

How many hours per day does your operation run?

What is your estimated airflow to the collector (per CFM)?

How many transfer points per process need ventilation?

What is your preferred dust capture method? 

  • Source capture (hoods)
  • Portable (trunk or snorkel arm)
  • Ambient (ceiling or wall mount) 

3.  Contact Us

Your field-based Air Separation Technologies sales representative can help you answer the questions above if you are not certain of the answers. They welcome the opportunity to make a no-charge visit to your facility to help evaluate your needs, or simply help you via telephone or email. To get your sales representative's phone and email contact information, call 1–888–248–8219 and select option #1.

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