On every measurable scale, Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors outperform traditional baghouse and cartridge collectors. The VH Series collectors are smaller, shorter and much more cost-effective. And once your collector is installed, it is so easy to use and maintain, you will never have to think twice about your Torit PowerCore dust collector.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Torit PowerCore VH Series Dust Collectors

290_Torit_PowerCore-VHThe Torit PowerCore VH Series dust collector brings the performance and simplicity of PowerCore technology to the mining and metalworking markets. Available for indoor and outdoor applications from 5,000 to 50,000 cfm, the VH series is specially designed to meet the requirements of heavy and abrasive dust loads found in grinding, blasting, crushing, screening, mixing, blending and other material handling. The PowerCore VH Series dust collector is an investment that keeps paying off the longer you use it. ​You save money on installation. You save money on changeouts. And its improved performance allows you to run your equipment with less filter changeout downtime for improved productivity.​

Product Literature
Torit® Powercore® Dust Collectors VH Series Brochure
Torit PowerCore VH (1-4 to 3-30) and VL (1-4 to 3-30)

Smaller Footprint

Lower clearance height fits in more low headroom applications and reduces transportation costs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Fewer filters. Less downtime. Lower shipping costs. It all adds up to major cost savings over the life of the collector.

More DurableToritPowerCoreVHSmallerFootprint

Each PowerCore dust collector is built to the demanding standards you expect from Donaldson® Torit®. Its heavy-gauge steel and all-welded design withstands abrasive dust and harsh external environments. Plus, the chance of filter abrasion is greatly reduced due to the collector and filter design. Single​ air inlets/outlets reduce ducting and installation costs. And, of course, Donaldson Torit stands by the VH Series with strong technical support, 24-hour replacement filter shipping, and a 10-year warranty.

Easy Filter Replacement

Changing filters requires no special tools or entering confined spaces, and downtime is held to a minimum.

Fewer Filters

PowerCore filter packs save you money with every filter change.


PowerCore VH Series Dust Collectors

Collector DesignStandardOptional
Robust, Welded Mild Steel Construction 
Clean-Side, Tool-Free Filter Pack Removal 
Quick Release Filter Tray Levers 
High Body Inlet 
Inlet Transitions 
ZERO-Turn Pulse Cleaning System 
Diaphragm/Solenoid Valve and Manifold Combination 
Cleaning System Weather Cover 
Mountable Fan Package 
Filter Access Platform 
Filter PacksStandardOptional
PowerCore with Ultra-Web (MERV* 15) 
PowerCore FR (Flame Retardant) with Ultra-Web (MERV* 15) 
​PowerCore AS (Anti-Static) with Ultra-Web (MERV* 15) 
Paint SystemStandardOptional
Textured Multi-Coat Paint Finish with 2,000-Hour Salt Spray Performance 
Premium Duty Finish 
Custom Colors, Materials and Finishes 
Hopper DesignStandardOptional
Multiple Pyramid Hopper 
Single Pyramid Hopper 
Single Pyramid Hopper (45 Degree) for 55-Gallon Drum 
60 degree Hopper 
Hopper Access Panel 
Hopper Access Panel with Overflow Valve 
Hopper Inlet 
Hopper DischargeStandardOptional
Slide Gate Packs 
55-Gallon Drum Covers 
Rotary Valves and Transitions 
Dumpster Discharge 
Support StructureStandardOptional
48" Clearance Beneath Hopper for 55-Gallon Drum 
72" Clearance Beneath Hopper for Rotary Valves 
62" Clearance Beneath Hopper for Dumpster Discharge 
Leg Extensions 
Electrical Controls, Gauges and EnclosuresStandardOptional
Control Box NEMA Type 4 with Timer 
Delta P Control NEMA Type 4 with Timer 
Delta P Plus Control NEMA Type 4 with Timer 
Prewired Junction Box to Solenoid Valves 
Magnehelic** Gauge 
Photohelic** Gauge 
110 VAC Control Voltage 
24 VDC Control Voltage 
Heavy Duty Cold Climate Kit 
Custom Control Panels 
Safety FeaturesStandardOptional
Sprinkler Couplings 
Explosion Vents 
10-Year Warranty 

*The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of this filter cartridge has been determined through independent laboratory testing using ASHRAE 52.2 (2007) test standards. The MERV rating was determined at a face velocity of 118 feet per minute and loading up to four inches water gauge. Actual efficiency of any filter cartridge will vary according to the specific application parameters. Dust concentration, airflow, particle characteristics, and pulse cleaning methods all affect filtration efficiency.

**Magnehelic and Photohelic are registered trademarks of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Does Torit PowerCore improve traditional baghouse filtration?

Yes. The PowerCore CP Series collector design and engineered airflow work to prevent a common baghouse problem—bridging. The possibility of dust bridging between the filter packs is eliminated in Torit PowerCore. By designing the filter pack and the collector together, Donaldson Torit has developed an optimized solution for dust collection where baghouses are typically applied.

Can dust bridging become a problem with Torit PowerCore?

No. There is no chance of bridging between PowerCore filter packs—and therefore no plugging due to bridging—in a Torit PowerCore collector. Here’s why: * Bridging happens in baghouses because the pulse-cleaning knocks accumulated dust down the length of the filter, and often it accumulates in the lower interstitial spaces. On particulate that tends to stick to itself or nest, the accumulation builds, eventually into a bridge. Torit PowerCore is engineered with computer-modeled fluid flow analysis to manage the incoming dirty air and the velocities directed into the filter pack, avoiding interstitial problems. And, the PowerCore filter pack is only 7" deep, so there’s virtually no opportunity for a dust bridge to develop. * Donaldson Torit’s new Compact Pulse Cleaning System is a proprietary, computer-modeled pulse-cleaning technology designed to match the “ob-round” shape of the PowerCore filter pack. The pulse pattern covers the entire media pack and pulses the dust out of the fluted channels. There is no possibility of bridging.

What kind of filter media is used in PowerCore filter packs?

Our best: our Donaldson-developed and proprietary Ultra-Web® media. It’s made of two layers—a sturdy substrate bonded with a thin layer of nanofibers—that capture both small and large particulate—resulting in a very high performance media. The EPA PM2.5 testing proves it. PowerCore filter packs have 78% FEWER emissions than traditional polyester filter bags.

Can I retrofit my current collector with PowerCore filter packs?

Not at this time. Torit PowerCore uses an advanced filtration technology. The filter packs, tubesheet, pulse-cleaning system and engineered airflow of the collector have been optimized as an integrated system. Retrofitting an existing collector is not advised.

Are Torit PowerCore and PowerCore filter packs available from other manufacturers?

No. Torit PowerCore and PowerCore filter packs are only available from Donaldson Torit.

VH Series Dust Collector

A 360-degree view of the Donaldson Torit PowerCore VH Series dust collector.

VH Series Filter Pack Changeout

Requires no special tools or entering confined spaces. Downtime is minimal.