Continuous Duty with Pulse-Jet Filter Cleaning

T​he Donaldson Torit TD is a continuous-duty style cartridge dust and fume collector using pulse-jet technology for on-line filter cleaning. TD collectors offer efficient filtration for applications ranging in size from 300 – 2000 cfm. TD often need only 75% of the headroom other collectors need, and are easy to operate and maintain.

TD Dust Collectors

290_TD_Dust_CollectorsStandard and high pressure pulse-jet dust collectors provide on-line filter cleaning allowing continuous-duty operation.

Product Literature
TD Dust Collectors Datasheet

TD Collector TD-162 and TD-573IOM

TD Collector Model TD-162 and TD-573

Ultra-Web® cartridge filters featuring nanofiber technology optimize high filtration efficiency and long filter life.

MERV* 15 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007.

The compact design is ideal for bin venting applications where space is at a premium.

Lower operating pressure drop reduces energy costs.

Optional tangential inlet on round TD housings pre-separates dust for high-loading applications.

Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity.

Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards.

Equipment Options 
​Cartridge filter options:
  • Ultra-Web FR (MERV 15)
  • Fibra-Web® (MERV 14)
  • Ultra-Web SB (MERV 15)
  • Torit-Tex™ (MERV 16)
  • Ultra-Tek® (MERV 12)
Hopper discharge:
  • Slide gate pack
  • 5-gallon pail pack
  • 55-gallon drum cover
  • Rotary airlock
1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 hp blowers​Photohelic®† gauge
Solid-state timerBolt-on support legs
Adjustable damper (blower)​Inlet adapters
​Explosion ventsMagnehelic®† gauge

*The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of this filter cartridge has been determined through independent laboratory testing using ASHRAE 52.2 (2007) test standards. The MERV rating was determined at a face velocity of 118 feet per minute and loading up to four inches water gauge. Actual efficiency of any filter cartridge will vary according to the specific application parameters. Dust concentration, airflow, particle characteristics, and pulse cleaning methods all affect filtration efficiency.
** Based on clean filters.
*** Weight is for 155-68° hopper arrangement without fan.
†Magnehelic and Photohelic are registered trademarks of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Ultra-Web Technology Provides Filters that Deliver

Proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® technology delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater cost savings.