Donaldson Torit's Attractive Plug-and-Play System Maximizes Production Uptime

The Donaldson Torit Packaged Downflo® Evolution combines their industry-leading cartridge technology with an integrated fan and electronic controls – all in a quiet, aesthetically-pleasing package. 



Overview  of Donaldson Torit's Downflo Evolution

For over 40 years, Donaldson has been at the forefront of cartridge collection and has developed game-changing solutions that include enhanced airflow design, MaxPulse™ cleaning system, triagonal filter shape, and industry-leading Ultra-Web® filtration media. Leveraging decades of experience, Donaldson developed the Packaged Downflo® Evolution: an attractive, quiet, easy-to-install dust collector with unrivaled filtration performance – delivering operational confidence in today’s advanced manufacturing environment.

Packaged Downflo® Evolution Cartridge Collector




A complete dust collection system that ships assembled for easy installation and operation.


Industry-leading technology to meet manufacturers’ expectations for clean air and reduced operating costs. The unit can be configured to fit site requirements.


Durable construction and reliable operation for maximized production uptime.

Other features & benefits include

• Clean Aesthetics

Strong and durable 10/12 gauge, all-welded Packaged Downflo Evolution dust collectors feature modern, clean lines to complement state-of-the-art manufacturing environments and are ideal for integration into OEM designs and variety of applications.

• Easy Service
Tool-free, hinged access doors allow simple, quick filter changeouts.

• Easy Dust Disposal
Wheeled bins, available in two different sizes, make dust clean up simple and easy.

• Maximize Space Utilization
Compact size and small footprint, the Packaged Downflo Evolution collectors are available up to 10,000 cfm.

• Downward Airflow Advantage
EPA-sponsored research has shown that “superior performance results from downward flow of the dirty airstream, reducing re-deposition of dust onto filter packs.” The Donaldson Packaged Downflo Evolution supports dust and fume control on continuous duty applications.

• Integrated Controls
Delta P and Delta P Plus control panels manage all collector functions, including the fan, filter differential, and pulse cleaning system.

• Quiet Operation
Base mounted, high-performance fans minimize noise and exhaust sound abatement design delivers quiet operation.

Standard Bin (64 L / 17 gal.) vs. Large Bin (155 L / 41 gal.)



High Production Bin Option

Donaldson offers a larger bin option to support high volume, high capacity applications where minimal downtime for bin dumping is imperative. The larger collection volume provides:

• Maximized production uptime
• Fewer dust collection bin dumps
• Fast, simple dumping
• Wheeled hopper for easy transport
• Same collector footprint
• No additional height or stilts to add



Energy Efficiency

Superior pulse cleaning design reduces compressed air usage.

Filter Size

Donaldson 660 mm / 26 in. filters are highly efficient while having a smaller size, making filter maintenance quick and easy.

Proven Results

Donaldson’s proprietary MaxPulse™ Cleaning System enhances cleaning performance, providing improved filtration capacity, maximized filter life and minimized compressed air consumption, resulting in excellent energy efficiency.**Improvements based on a comparison to traditional cartridge cleaning system design.

The diagram above depicts the flow of compressed air for cleaning through the Downflo Evolution cartridge filter.


Collector Design† DFEP4 & DFEP6StandardOptional
Mild Steel Construction 
Strong 3/16 to 12 Gauge Mild Steel Structure per IBC2006 
Downward Airflow Advantage 
Grade Level Duct Insert 
Easy Filter Access – No Tools Required 
MaxPulse™ Cleaning System 
Premium Efficiency Motors PE 
Integrated High-Performance TEFC Fan Packs 
Sprinkler Couplings 
Built-In Exhaust Silencer 
Built-In Damper Valve 
Top Exhaust Outlet 
Integrated Rear HEPA Filters 
Rear Weatherhood 
Top Mount HEPA Filters 


Cost ControlStandardOptional
Completely Packaged—One-Stop Shopping 
Fully Assembled—Minimal Installation Efforts 
Pre-Wired—Minimal On-Site Wiring 
Smaller Collectors—Save Freight Costs & Space 
Fewer Filter Changes—Less Downtime, Maintenance 
Quiet Energy Efficient Power Packs 


Safety FeaturesStandardOptional
Side-Mount Explosion Vents per NFPA 68-2007 
Explosion Suppression 
Sprinkler Pack 
Electrical Grounding and Bonding 
Inline Spark Cooler 
Fire Suppression 


Filter PacksStandardOptional
Ultra-Web® (MERV* 15) 
Ultra-Web® FR (MERV* 15); Ultra-Web® SB (MERV* 15); Ultra-Web® AS (MERV* 15); Fibra-Web® (MERV* 14); Thermo-Web™ (MERV* 14); Torit-Tex™ (MERV* 16); High Temp (MERV 13) 
HEPA/ASHRAE Afterfilters 

Hopper DischargeStandardOptional
64 L / 17 gal. Dust Container 
178 L / 47 gal. Large Capacity Dust Container 


Electrical ControlsStandardOptional
Integrated Torit Delta P w/Motor Starter 
Integrated Torit Delta P Plus with Motors Starter 
External Remote-Mount Torit Delta P with Motor Starter 
External Remote-Mount Torit Delta P Plus with Motor Starter 
with 24VDC START/STOP, Low-Voltage Feedback Relay 
with Airflow Controller with VFD 
Integrated Electrical Enclosures NEMA 12 
Remote-Mount Electrical Enclosures NEMA 4 


Paint SystemStandardOptional
Textured Multi-Coat Paint Finish with 2,000-Hour Salt Spray Performance 
Premium Duty Finish 
Custom Colors, Materials and Finishes 

10-Year Warranty 

 * The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of this filter cartridge has been determined through independent laboratory testing using ASHRAE 52.2 test standards. The MERV rating was determined at a face velocity of 36 meters per minute / 118 feet per minute and loading up to 101.6 mm / 4 in. water gauge. Actual efficiency of any filter cartridge will vary according to the specific application parameters. Dust concentration, airflow, particle characteristics, and pulse cleaning methods all affect filtration efficiency.

† Donaldson Torit equipment is designed to IBC guidelines for specific wind speed exposure and seismic spectral acceleration at grade level. Contact your Donaldson Torit representative for detailed information available on the equipment’s Spec Control drawings. Equipment may be customized to meet unique, customer-specified site requirements.


Packaged Downflo Evolution (DFEP) Dust Collector

The Packaged Downflo Evolution combines Donaldson Torit’s industry-leading cartridge technology with an integrated fan and electronic controls – all in a quiet, aesthetically-pleasing package.



Packaged Downflo Evolution Operation & Maintenance Guide

This video highlights operation, maintenance and troubleshooting for the Donaldson Torit Packaged Downflo Evolution.



Ultra-Web Technology Provides Filters that Deliver

Proven and proprietary Ultra-Web technology delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater cost savings.




Ultra-Web® Performance Media
Donaldson’s filter design uses Ultra-Web® filtration technology, featuring a layer of fine fibers (0.2 - 0.3 microns in diameter) on the surface of the media to capture sub-micron contaminants. The resulting dust cake is then easily cleaned off during automated cleaning cycles, ensuring cleaner air longer.


Fine Fiber Media (600x)

Fine fiber surface loading technology is available in all Ultra-Web and Fibra-Web filter cartridges.


Commodity Fiber Media (600x)

Conventional media has spaces of up to 60 microns between fibers, allowing dust to become deeply embedded.