CP Series Capturing Dust During Dump Truck Transfer

These collectors provide better and more cost effective dust collection than baghouses because of smaller size and powerful filter technology.

CP Series Capturing Dust on Conveyor Belt

The smaller PowerCore CP Series dust collector captures discharged dust at the source.

Dust Collection Technology in Grain Applications

National Sales Director, Hube Visee, explains how when PowerCore dust collectors are applied at grain transfer points, efficiency is at its peak.

Exactly What You Need for Dust, Fume and Mist Collection

Donaldson Torit's broad range of collectors and filters gives the customers interviewed in this video exactly what they need for dust, fume and mist collection.

Filter Changeouts

CPV-1 Filter Pack Changeout

View how to loosen, remove, and reposition the CPV-1 filter retainer when changing the filter pack.

Custom 50 Ft Liner Dust Discharge with Air-Lock

Depiction of the process for replacing the custom dust collector hopper discharge system.

Custom Bag Crimping Demo

Process using the ILC Dover crimping tool on the custom Bag-in/Bag-out system.

Custom Bag-in/Bag-Out (BIBO) Filter Change-Out

View a custom sealed filter change-out procedure.

DFO versus Farr Gold Series: Filter Removal Face-Off

View this realistic comparison of a dirty filter removal from the Donaldson Torit DFO dust collector versus the dirty filter removal from a competitor's dust collector.

Downflo Oval DFO Filter Changeout

The Downflo Oval - DFO - provides easy filter changeouts with its quick-release handle design.

Pleated Bag Filter Installation at Customer Site

This video shows a felt bag filter to pleated bag filter conversion of Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web Spunbond top-load pleated bag filters being installed in a competitor's baghouse dust collector.

PowerCore VL Dust Collector Filter Changeout

PowerCore VL Dust Collector Filter Changeout video.

Snap Band Bag Filter Installation

Learn how to install top load snap band bag filters.

TG Series Filter Pack Changeout

Easy and Fast - no tools required.

Top Load Pleated Bag Filters

Top loaded pleated bag filter changeout.

VH Series Filter Pack Changeout

Requires no special tools or entering confined spaces. Downtime is minimal.


Airflow Controller with VFD - Benefits

See how airflow is controlled, and how it benefits you.

Airflow Controller with VFD - How to Calibrate (Zero-Out)

Watch the button selection sequence to calibrate (zero-out) the Donaldson Torit Airflow Controller with VFD. It takes only seconds.

Airflow Controller with VFD - Initial Setup

This video explains how to initially set up a Donaldson Torit Airflow Controller with VFD by putting the airflow controller into manual mode and then defining the desired airflow (based on velocity in the duct).

Donaldson Torit Delta P Plus - Basic Operation

This video demonstrates the basic operation of the Donaldson Torit Delta P Plus controller. Topics include reset to factory settings, calibration (zero out), setting high and low set points, using the alarm, and using downtime cleaning.

Downflo Oval (DFO) Dust Collector

This high performance dust collector provides up to 25 percent more filtration capacity than other same-sized cartridge collectors.

PowerCore VL Series Dust Collector

PowerCore VL Series Dust Collector is specifically designed to filter out light and fibrous dust.

Product Mgr Talks About CP Series Dust Collector

During this GEAPs interview, Karen explains how the smaller CP Series dust collector provides easy filter changeouts, saves energy, time, space, and costs.

The Spark Cooler

Spark Abatement for Dust Collection Equipment.

VH Series Dust Collector

A 360-degree view of the Donaldson Torit PowerCore VH Series dust collector.

Nilfisk Pneumatic Conveyor

How to improve solid dose Manufacturing Processes

Nilfisk Compressed Air & Electric Pneumatic Conveyor

Safe transfer of powders and granules