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Nordfab®  are the originators of clamp-together ducting. They introduced Quick-Fit® clamp-together ductwork in 1990. It's unique rolled edge ends and easy-to-use clamps it has become the industry leader for ductwork.. As world’s largest supplier of clamp-together ducting it supplies industry for dust, mist, and smoke collection plus industrial ventilation.

AST Canada is a leading supplier of Nordfab Quick-Fit®  ducting in Canada.


Easy and Fast Clamp-Together Ductwork

How to clamp together Nordfab dustwork

How to clamp together Nordfab Ducting

With Nordfab ducting you just clamp it together with the standard QF clamp, there is no need for: rivets, screws or welding. This ductwork Installs in seconds with reducing installation and downtime by 45% or more. The specialty designed gaskets ensure tightly sealed joints. Nordfab ducting is the industry leader in clamp-together ducting for dust, mist and smoke collection.

Trained Dealer Network

Nordfab only sells through an experienced and trained dealer network in Canada to ensure the exact system and performance you expect. AST Canada are ducting experts that can help you design your system, specify and provide the parts required to ensure your ducting system works properly.

Nordfab is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, ensuring dependability, quality, service, delivery and minimal impact on the environment.

Ductwork Design

The clamp-together design and telescoping Quick-Fit adjustable nipple eliminates the need for any special tools or precise measuring. AST Canada uses Nordfab Quick-Fit™ ducting in its industrial ducting designs.

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