Donaldson provides dust collectors for virtually every type of dry dust collection application and has the experience you can rely on.  If your process generates a dust or particulate, we have most likely provided a similar dust collector solution among our thousands of successful applications.

Other Applications

Other Applications

Donaldson can use our extensive product, technology, and application knowledge base to create a solution for your dust collector needs. A few examples of our broad expertise include collectors in the following industries and applications:

- Rubber mixing and processing
- Powder coating
- Battery manufacturing and recycling
- Printer and toner cartridge
- Catalytic converter crushing
- Municipal waste recycling
- Asphalt
- Composite sanding/grinding for aerospace
- Paper trim
- Solar power cell mfg
- Coal/energy plant transfer points
- Smoke from a shooting range
- Ambient dust at computer mfg plant
- Graphite machining for EDM/mold
- Weigh/mix station for soil samples
- Jewelry buffing
- Galvanizing

Product Literature
Modular Baghouse Dust Collectors Brochure
Ambient Air Tubesheet Datasheet
Bin Vent Dust Collector Datasheet
Downdraft Bench Model DB-2000 and 3000 Datasheet
Downdraft Bench Model DB-800 Datasheet

Donaldson’s experience provides tailored guidance for the following:

Activated CarbonEDM Fume/OilPlastic Cutting Fines
AlfalfaEpoxy PowdersPolyester
AluminaFeed (Animal)Polyetdylene
Alumina HydrateFeldsparPolymers
Aluminum FluorideFertilizerPolypropylene
Aluminum HydrateFiberboardPolystyrene
Aluminum OxideFish FoodPolyuretdane Foam
Aluminum PowderFlourPolyvinylchloride (PVC)
Aluminum SilicateFluorsparPotassium Sulfate
Ammonium ChlorideFly AshPotato Flour
Ammonium FluorideFood NOC (Herbs, Spices, Citrus Pellets, etc.)Protein Product
Ammonium PerchlorateFume (NOC)Quartz
Ammonium PhosphateFungicideResin
Ammonium SulfateGelatinRice Hulls
AntibioticsGelucil (Laxative Powder)Rock & Ore (Mining, Crushing)
AspirinGlass (Batch Mix)Rosin
AtrazineGlass (Beads, Solid)Rouge
Baking PowderGlass (Frit)Rubber
BariteGlass (Cullet)Rutile Ore
BariumGlass (Microspheres,Hollow)Rye
Barium OxideGlass (Ground Powder)Salicylic Acid
Barium StearateGlue (Dry Powder)Salt (Mineral)
Barium SulfateGlutenSalt Cake (Dry)
BarleyGrain (NOC)Sand (Foundry, Dry)
BauxiteGraniteSand (Foundry, Green)
Beet PulpGraphiteSand (Foundry, NOC)
Bentonite ClayGumsSand (Non-Foundry)
BerylliumGypsumSawdust (Sanding)
Bleach (Dry)HerbicideSelenium
Bone CharInk DyesShale
Bone MealInsecticideSlag (Crushing/Screening)
BoraxIron ChromateSlate
Boric AcidIron FilingsSoap (Powdered)
BranIron OreSoapstone
Brass, NOCIron Oxide (Black)Soda Ash
Bread (Crumbs)Iron Oxide (Red/Rust)Sodium Carbonate
BronzeIron PowderSodium Phosphate
Cake MixIron SulfateSoy Protein
CalciteKaolin ClaySoybean
Calcium CarbonateLactoseSoybean Flour
Calcium ChlorideLead CompoundsSpices
CarbideLead OxideStainless Steel (Process not Classified)
CarbonLead PowderStarch
Carbon Black (Finished)LeatderStarch (Surgical, Monosized)
Carbon Black (Fused/Molded)LimeStearates
Carbon Black (NOC)Lime (Hydrated)Stearic Acid
Carbon Black (Pellitized)LimestoneSteel (Process Not Classified)
Carbon Steel (Process not Classified)Macaroni (Dry)Steel Shot, Shot Blast, Abrasives (NOC)
Carboxylmetdylcellulose sodiumMagnesiteSugar
CardboardMagnesium CarbonateSugar & Cocoa Mix
Cattle FeedMagnesium OxideSugar & Flour Mix
Cellulose AcetateMagnesium SilicateSulfur
Cellulose Short FiberMagnesium StearateSuperphosphate
CeramicMalt (Dry)Talcum Powder
CerealManganese DioxideTea (Powdered)
Chaff, GrainManganese OreTin Powder
Chloride Compounds (NaCl, CaCl, BaCl)Marble GritTitanium Dioxide
ChocolateMarble PowderTobacco
ChromeMeal (NOC)Toner
ChromiumMeal (Soybean)Tungsten
Citric AcidMelamineUltramarine Blue
Clay (+ Brick / Marble)Metal PowderedUranium Dioxide
Coal (Brown / Western)Metallic FumeUranium Oxide (Yellow Cake)
Coal (Lignite / Antdracite)Metals (NOC)Urea-Formaldehyde Resin
Coffee (Dry)Milk PowderVitamin Additive
Coke (From Coal)Mold InhibitorVolcanic Ash
Coke (From Petroleum)NickelWax (Dry)
CompositesNickel CarbonateWeld Fume (Ambient, Laser)
ConcreteNuclear Grade Materials (NOC)Weld Fume (Ambient, NOC)
Copper Machining (No Oils)Nylon PowderWeld Fume (Ambient, Plasma)
Copper OxideOatsWeld Fume (Source, Laser)
CornOyster ShellWeld Fume (Source, NOC)
Corn MealPaint PigmentsWeld Fume (Source, Plasma)
Corn StarchPaper (Trim)Wheat
Corn SugarParticle Board (Cutting)Whey Powder
CottonPeanut HullsWood Dust (Green Mill)
CryolitePeas (Dry)Wood Dust (High Speed Cutting or Sanding)
DetergentPeptoneWood Dust (Low Speed Cutting)
DextrosePharmaceutical Dust (NOC)Yttrium (Yttrium Oxide)
Diatomaceous EartdPhenolic ResinZinc Chromate
Disposable Diaper FluffPhosphatesZinc Oxide
DolomitePhosphorZirconium Compounds
Dyes (NOC)Phosphorescent Powder 
Eartd, FullersPlaster 


Abrasive Blasting (Black Beauty - Automatic)Furnaces (Arc)Metallizing (Powder Flame)
Abrasive Blasting (NOC - Automatic)Furnaces (Induction)Metallizing (Wire Flame)
Abrasive Blasting (NOC - Manual)Furnaces (Reverb)Mining
Ambient Air FiltrationFurnaces (Coupla)Mixing or Mixers (Banbury)
Arc Washing (Gouging)GalvanizingMixing or Mixers (NOC)
Bag DumpingGrinding (Aluminum)Pharmaceutical (Dry Mixing/Blending)
Barrel FillingGrinding (Brake Shoe)Pharmaceutical (NOC)
Battery ManufactureGrinding (Cast Iron)Pharmaceutical (Pill Coating)
Bin Venting (Mechanical)Grinding (Composite)Pneumatic Conveying
Bin Venting (Pneumatic)Grinding (Iron)Polishing
BlendersGrinding (NOC)Powder Coating (Black)
Brazing (Dry)Grinding (Rubber Rollers)Powder Coating (NOC)
Buffing (Automatic, Dry)Grinding (Tire Retread)Powder Coating (Teflon)
Buffing (Manual, Dry)Grinding (Steel)Rolling
Cutting (Laser, Metal)IncineratorsRouting
Cutting (Laser, Non-Metal)Machining (NOC)Sanding
Cutting (NOC)Machining, Cast IronScreening
Cutting (Oxyacetylene)Machining, DrySmelting
Cutting (Plasma)Machining, WetSoldering
DescalingMachining, Wet (Lathes, Turning Centers, Broaching, Hobbing)Weigh Station
Die CastingMachining, Wet (Straight Oil, Semi-Synthetic, Synthetic, Water Soluble Coolant)Welding
Drossing (Cooling and Handling)Material Handling, Mechanical (NOC)Wire Drawing
DryersMetal Grinding (Automatic)Woodworking
ForgingMetal Grinding (Manual) 
Foundries, Ferrous - Preheat, Melt, PourMetallizing (Electric Arc) 
Foundries, Ferrous - Mold Cool & Shakeout & CleaningMetallizing (NOC) 
Foundries, non-ferrous - Preheat, Melt, PourMetallizing (Plasma Arc) 
Foundries, non-ferrous - Mold Cool & Shakeout & Cleaning  

Special Considerations

Many fumes and dusts are combustible and operations generating or handling fumes and dusts can require special mitigation efforts to minimize fire and explosion risks. Standards such as NFPA 654 can provide guidance for those who generate and handle these types of dusts. See the Donaldson Dust Collectors and Combustible Dust Strategies brochure.
Many fumes and dusts may also have identified adverse health impacts, and special mitigation strategies may be required to limit occupational exposure below levels OSHA or other health organizations have established for these materials.


Particulate Matter (PM):
- PM 2.5 = 15 µg/m3 (annual), and 35 µg/m3 (24-hour)
- PM 10 = 150 µg/m3 (24-hour)

- OSHA Regulations

- 29 CFR 1910.1000 - Air Contaminants, NOTE: Twenty-five states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have OSHA-approved State Plans and have adopted their own standards and enforcement policies. For the most part, these States adopt standards that are identical to Federal OSHA. However, some States have adopted different standards applicable to this industry or may have different enforcement policies.


Industrial Ventilation Manual
NIOSH Publication No. 76-179
WAC 296-818-500