Foundries were one of the first industries to use local exhaust ventilation to control contaminants in the workplace and provide protection for the environment. ​



The word “Foundries” encompasses a broad group from large multi building facilities that melt iron to cast counterweight blocks for cranes weighing hundreds of tons to a single room where precious metals are melted and cast into intricate shapes for jewelry. In general, most have the following common processes:

- Sand handling
- Metal melting
- Mold pouring
- Casting cleaning

What is a hydro-entanglement process?

Instead of a mechanical process using needles to entangle and compress polyester fibers into a felt material, the hydro-entanglement process uses jets of water to entable and compree the polyester fibers into felt. The process creates a material that is more uniform and provides better filtration.

How are Dura-Life bags different from standard polyester bags?

Dura-Life bags are made from polyester material that is created through a hydro-entanglement process instead of a needle punch process. The hydro-entanglement process creates a more consistent and uniform filter material. The material is comparable in thickness to standard polyester, but weighs about 1/3 less. The fibers are smaller and the hydro-entanglement process creates a loftier and lighter weight fabric that filters more effectively.