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Sept 2018

Three Principles for Installing Your First Fume Collector
By Tom Miller, Donaldson Company & Jay Smith, Air Separation Technologies

AST Canada engineers evaluate plant conditions for Ontario Metal Fabrication Shop with multiple hazard challenges and design a complete dust collector system to increase air-quality and address local environmental concerns.

Challenges included reactive metals, submicronic dusts and a need to be user friendly across a large variety of jobs & fabrication equipment. The system had to be holistic in design to address the needs of several workstations and environments. Lastly, the system had to be easily maintained and cost effective.

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June 2016

OSHA, NFPA to Progress on Combustible Dust Standards
By John S. Forrester, Managing Editor, Powder & Bulk Solids

2016 could be a bellwether year for combustible dust standards.

In June, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) starts its first revision cycle of
NFPA 652, the organization’s newly introduced combustible dust standard for general
industry.  click here for the rest of the article......

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